A Familiar Problem – Ruana and Company – Episode 2

The concluding episode of A Familiar Problem – Ruana and Company our two-part adventure based on Darrington Press’ one-page RPG all about magical familiars on a mission!

A Familiar Problem was created by Marisha Ray and designed by Grant Howitt. You can download the RPG and take your animal companions on their own adventures on the Darrington Press website.

  • Grace Kelly Miller (she/her) as your Game Master
  • David Knight (he/him) as Ruana
  • Darrel Bailey (he/him) as Clarence
  • Ben Galpin (he/him) as Richard
  • Chris Watts (he/him) as Chester Iggleton
  • Original music by David Knight
  • Edited by Pippa Beckford (she/they)


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