Episode 1: The Con Artist’s Cave

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Three strangers awake on the floor of a cave. Why are there? What will they encounter? And will they ever find the exit?

Join our merry band of actors for a D&D campaign where there are No Small Rolls, just battles, buddies and beverages!


  • David Knight as your Dungeon Master
  • Ben Galpin as Orryn
  • Darrel Bailey as Enkidu
  • Vicky Gaskin as Juna
  • Original music by David Knight
  • Edited by Ben Galpin


Our adventure begins deep in the treacherous Locholt Woods in the region of Eltimpyr.

Juna Septhorn, a 3 foot tall gnome lady, wakes from unconsciousness to find herself in a dark cave. Sprightly & stout, she’s at least 100 years old with a glint in her eye and a wry smile. As she reaches in the dark, her fingers find her familiar quarterstaff with its large purple amethyst.

She had fallen for a trap laid by a copper haired woman telling a tall tale of her wife and puppy venturing into a cave and not returning. As Juna entered the cave to help, she was magically knocked unconscious.

As Juna looks around the cavern, she sees two more bodies lying on the ground. First waking Enkidu-Kai, a 5’10” human with dark skin, lean build & short grey hair. Dressed in a military style – long black coat with fur hood, black boots and fingerless gloves.

And finally rousing Orryn Quill – a young looking human, about 5 foot tall with a slight build. Light, faintly tanned skin with dirty blonde, messy hair. His leather waistcoat pockets are bursting with tools. On his left leg is an industrial looking brace and unusual orange markings snake up his right arm.

They realise they have all fallen for the same ruse and looking around for their possessions find that although their food, waterskins, healer’s and herbalism kits have all been stolen; no gold or anything of value seems to have been taken.

An Alarming Noise

Hearing an odd strangled chicken noise echoing down the cavern, the group decide to investigate on their way to find an exit. As they quietly move through the caves, they uncover a chamber with several statue-like figures.

Sat in a nest of rocks is a shrivelled creature, with a body similar to a chicken and lizard-like wings, it’s eyes darting about the cave as it makes a vile squawking noise.

Juna attempts to communicate with the creature, however, it is lost in translation, and the Cockatrice attacks.

Juna uses her sorcerer’s skills to protectively look after the party. Before Enkidu reveals his Warlock abilities unleashing a pale green shock of Eldritch energy towards the beast, while Orryn flails around with his little smithing hammer

Unfortunately, the beast appears to have a bite worse than its squawk – and it attempts to turn the party to stone!

Juna resists the attack, but as the Cockatrice sinks its beak into Enkidu’s calf, he feels his leg starting to turn to rock!

As Orryn’s blasts his welding torch (a product of his Artificer’s tinkering) Juna shouts the beast’s true form “Cockatrice” and radiant energy spirals along its body destroying it.

Seeing Juna’s injuries, Orryn reaches into a canister and pulls out some tiny mechanical bees, who leap into action quickly stitching closed her wounds, while Enkidu manages to push the petrification back with his force of will.

Looking around the chamber the party discovers three Cockatrice eggs. Enkidu & Juna destroy a pair of them but leave one for Orryn to study later.

The “statues” appear to be similarly lost travellers, who have been transformed into Cockatrice lunch.

Fun Fungus

As the trio heads down a passageway filled with mushrooms, they spot footprints leading to a large patch of the fungus. As Juna prods the mushrooms with her staff, she uncovers a body – with a satchel containing a sealed letter addressed to Dr Ardesin Hograd of Tillersham:

“Dear Ardesin, I hope this letter finds you well, though I fear its contents may not lighten your heart. I regret to inform you of the death of your brother Kirris, as the result of injuries after falling from his horse. A service will be held for him this coming Shroud, should you wish to attend. I know you were not on the best of terms, but you will always be welcome. I hope you can join us. Yours, Merrida”
As Juna studies the body to try and tell how long it has lain there, Orryn suddenly cries out in pain as tendrils emerge from the violet fungus, latching onto his foot. The group beat a hasty retreat from the chamber, Orryn clearing the path with his welding torch.

Fresh Air

Eventually the group find a passageway with fresher air, and as they reach the entrance to the cave they find the Copper haired woman attempting the same con on a Half-Orc Paladin.

When Juna catapults a rock at the woman, the Paladin attempts to defend her honour and as Enkidu fires a warning Eldritch Blast at the half-orc, a fight breaks out.

However, the paladin’s appetite for a brawl quickly disappears when he knocks the tiny figure of Juna out cold on the floor, and apologising he disappears into the woods to see if the copper haired lady is in need of further assistance.

Reaching for his mechanical bees once again, Orryn revives Juna. And our three companions discover they are all heading in the same direction.

As evening falls, they find their way to the town of Tillersham and to the inviting glow of the Nocking Point tavern…

No Small Recap for Episode 1 written by Ben Galpin