Episode 51: Things That Go Jump in the Night

With Gwendellyn suddenly snatched by a giant jumping spider in the night, our heroes must leap into action to rescue their captured companion.

Join our merry band of actors for a D&D podcast filled with intrigue, adventure and laughter. Where there are ‘No Small Rolls’ and no small consequences!


  • David Knight (he/him) as your Dungeon Master
  • Ben Galpin (he/him) as Orryn
  • Chris Watts (he/him) as Gaius
  • Darrel Bailey (he/him) as Enkidu
  • Vicky Gaskin (she/her) as Juna
  • Grace Kelly Miller (she/her) as Gwendellyn
  • Original music by David Knight
  • Edited by Ben Galpin


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