Episode 7: Wooing and Woes

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So far, so good – our favourite party of adventurers try to discover what else the mysterious Vondelle family are hiding. Some through romance, some through sneaking and some through poorly judged opportunities…

Join our merry band of actors for a D&D campaign where there are No Small Rolls, just battles, buddies and beverages!


  • David Knight as your Dungeon Master
  • Ben Galpin as Orryn
  • Chris Watts as Gaius
  • Darrel Bailey as Enkidu
  • Vicky Gaskin as Juna
  • Grace Kelly Miller as Gwendellyn
  • Original music by David Knight

The Vondelle Estate

After much persistence from Gwendellyn, Lady Vondelle agrees to give a tour of the estate. Popping to her chambers to change into her boots and a high fantasy gilet, Gwendellyn seizes the opportunity to flirt and gather information from Trimt. While he boasts about bridging the gap between common folk and highborn, a less than convinced Enkidu grinds his teeth and bites his tongue. On Lady Vondelle’s return, they begin the tour. Gathering Gaius into their little group.

Back in the kitchen, Orryn and Juna look for an opportunity to have a sneak around the rest of the Manor. At this moment, a pouting Osken Vondelle enters the kitchen demanding a meal. Juna and Orryn kindly offer to take a tray of leftovers to the boy’s bed chamber.

Before giving our heroes very clear directions to Osken’s room, Jisana hints that lady Vondelle approved of Gwendellyn’s pairing with her son at first mention of her family name: Rose.

Out in the grounds – conversation continues to flow, Enkidu’s services are requested by Lady Vondelle, should her son be betrothed to Gwendellyn. We learn that the Vondelle’s are of mid-tier social standing and attempts made at marrying Trimt to a high-status family have been almost impossible. Gaius quizzes Lady Vondelle on the Rose family, under the guise of a hopeful employee waiting to be paid. It appears the Rose family have become invaluable to other nobles through their unique Security business and are practically swimming in gold.

As the group reach “the folly” constructed by the Rose family, Gwendellyn and Trimt take in the wonderful view of Tillersham from the balcony. Gwendellyn asks the purpose of her father’s work here, Trimt cautiously tells her it is a safe haven to retreat to if dangers arrive, dangers, he says, his mother has foreseen.

An Arcane Study

Tray of food in hand, Orryn and Juna investigate the Manor House, conveniently “forgetting” the directions given to them by Jisana they make their way towards the arcane study. Using his thieves’ tools, Orryn picks the lock. Inside, the pair notice an intriguing wand display with one of the set unaccounted for, but what draws their focus is the large table, marked with arcane runes and a reflective disk in its centre. Drawing on their investigative skills, they too discover the table can be used for divination purposes, like an arcane clock when set to a particular time, empowering the user with a glimpse into future events.

With Juna’s guidance, the artificer gets to work, setting the dials for the next day – exactly twenty-four hours into the future. The disk shimmers and ripples like water, then shifts to form a singular globule that rises to float above the table, there is a bright flash and suddenly… the room returns to normal.

They try again, but find that the table lies dormant, indicating the magic must have worked. Leading Orryn to draw this obvious conclusion:

“Are we in tomorrow? We’re in tomorrow, we’re in tomorrow, we’re in tomorrow! What has happened?”

As they frantically panic about the repercussions of their journey to the future: can they be seen? can they get back? what happened with the lord’s luncheon? why is that wand missing…? All seems much as it did the previous day, but fearing being found sneaking around the Manor a full day later would mark them as intruders, they hastily head to Jisana in the kitchen. Where they find the cook still doing the washing up as she asks “Did he say thank you at least?”. Realising their folly the pair promise to keep it their secret.

The Folly

Out at the other folly, Lady Vondelle collapses unexpectedly, Enkidu rushing in to catch her and with the fainted Vondelle in his arms, Enkidu reaches inside himself to call on “the voices” for guidance, who warn him that Lady Vondelle appears dangerous.

As the gentlemen carry the Lady towards the manor, Trimt tells Gwendellyn that through use of his mother’s magic she has become prone to moments of confusion and these falls have become commonplace.

Finding themselves unchaperoned, Gwendellyn persuades Trimt to take her below the tiled floor to the door guarded by the stone dragon. Trimt assures that if she is ever in danger to make her way to the tower and use the password “Disaster”. On uttering the word – the doors swing open, showing a beautiful daylit corridor, similar to the manor and immaculately kept. With this new information Gwendellyn encourages Trimt to check on his mother.

Sneak Attack

Meanwhile, on their journey back to the house, Gaius and Enkidu take a moment to check Lady Vondelle’s possessions, finding a golden ring with a red gem stone, which swiftly makes its way into Gaius’ pocket. Once inside the manor they call for help, Jisana showing them the way to Lady Vondelle’s chambers, bumping into Orryn and Juna on the way. Jisana begins to shoo them downstairs to let the lady rest. However, before leaving Enkidu has a bright idea and attempts to knock her out!

Jisana rebukes Enkidu as he attempts to choke hold her to the floor. Failing instantly. As she steps back she reveals an alarm stone, already activated.

No matter how the party attempt to reason for and excuse Enkidu’s actions they are ordered to leave immediately. While the warlock feigns madness, Juna tries to hide under the bed, also failing instantly as Jisana’s trust is well and truly shattered.

Dahlia bursts in with a drawn short bow, just as a bright and optimistic Gwendellyn and Trimt appear at the door. In a whirlwind of confusion and apology, the group realise that they have probably burned every bridge they had through Enkidu’s actions, which he defends, reasoning he wanted to investigate the room for proof of Lady Vondelle’s treachery. Grudgingly they decide to head back to the Nocking Point.

However, as they near the guardhouse, they spot a crowd arguing with the Captain of the Guard, it looks like the townsfolk are now very much aware of their missing doctor…

Recap written by Superfan Sam Oakes