Episode 78: Unhealthy Glow

The Fatemarked Four investigate the itchy remnants of their battle with the glowing insects, and make for the nearby coach house Woodstop.

Content Warning

After the recap (approx 3:08 onwards) there are some gruesome descriptions as the party discover they are incubating glowing eggs in Gai’s leg and Gwen’s side. They decide to ride to Woodstop for help, after healing potions and spells only intensify the glow.

You can skip to 10:05 where the conversation continues, but in less graphic detail. Or skip to 12:44 to jump all the egg chat.

There is a quite intense description of a medical eggs-traction from Gai’s leg by the Grove Mother, which can be skipped from 01:10:38 to 01:12:24.

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  • David Knight (he/him) as your Dungeon Master
  • Chris Watts (he/him) as Gaius
  • Darrel Bailey (he/him) as Enkidu
  • Vicky Gaskin (she/her) as Juna
  • Grace Kelly Miller (she/her) as Gwendellyn
  • Original music by David Knight
  • Edited by Ben Galpin (he/him)


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