Episode 8: Disaster

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With unrest amongst the people of Tillersham, our heroes discuss the secrets they have uncovered and plot their next dangerous steps… Time is now their enemy.

Join our merry band of actors for a D&D campaign where there are No Small Rolls, just battles, buddies and beverages!


  • David Knight as your Dungeon Master
  • Ben Galpin as Orryn
  • Chris Watts as Gaius
  • Darrel Bailey as Enkidu
  • Vicky Gaskin as Juna
  • Grace Kelly Miller as Gwendellyn
  • Original music by David Knight

Led by Iris, the townsfolk air their grievances regarding the disappearance of Doctor Hograd to the Captain of the Guard. Captain Storlen claims it was kept under wraps to avoid mass panic and that their current leads suggest the Doctor was last seen heading into the woods.

Worried about another possible missing person, Gwendellyn and Juna head to Drania Pine’s closed Plenty Store. On picking the lock it appears that nothing is out of place and perhaps she’s simply gone out for the day…

Meanwhile the men go to the guardhouse, greeted by many an “Anooooon!” and present the letter they found in the cave to Sully. They learn that no search party was sent after Dr. Hograd and she’s been missing for at least a week. Sully also lets slip that they searched the sewers when investigating the robbery at The Woodman & Wolf, and suspect magic and perhaps the terrifying witch in the woods to be the cause. Understanding the townsfolk and the guard are too scared to venture into the woods, Enkidu suggests they should contract their party to do the job.

On exiting the guardhouse they see Jenny gossiping away with Juna, while Gwendellyn looks desperate to get away. Practically dragging Juna, the party retire to the Nocking Point to discuss all they have learnt from the Vondelle Manor and the guardhouse.

Next come the theories as they piece the information together:

The sewers that run beneath Tillersham could be in use by the Vondelle’s and potentially connected to the underground bunker.

Lady Vondelle made an odd face at luncheon, reminding Gwen of Kral from the woods, and his expression when he became confused about timelines.

This feeds into Orryn’s explanation of the divination table they found, as he theorises that activating the table could be why she collapsed. Is the Lady glancing into the future? Could this explain the words found by Gaius: “Flames, floods, the dead rising and Titans tearing the Earth asunder”?

Orryn questions Gaius about the source of the necromantic magic he noticed in his back pocket, at which point he reveals the missing wand from the study. Orryn also confirms the stolen ring holds enchantment magic. How are these items connected?

And what connects all the other figures?

  • the gamekeeper and his hidden necromantic book written by Krallevin Survelt
  • Vondelle’s sister is the one luring travellers to the cave, before robbing them of their rations and medicines
  • and Kral in the woods bringing dead creatures back to life

Could the Vondelle’s be moving all their belongings below ground? Are they hoarding in preparation for the coming danger?

Three options become clear, as Gaius sums up.

The party votes, with the majority in favour of returning to the Folly to investigate that bunker.

So under cover of night, our adventurers stealthily make their way back to the manor, expertly reaching the folly undetected.

Gwen turns the brick revealing the staircase down into the bunker. Orryn deciding to err on the side of caution waits with Enkidu at the top of the stairs, while Gwendellyn, Juna and Gaius head below. The ladies hold hands for guidance as the password is spoken (Sound byte = 57:24-57:26)

All three are suddenly blasted by the ice-cold breath of the Dragon statue, almost knocking Juna and Gaius unconscious in one hit. Realising the password is ineffective, Orryn quickly investigates the dragon statue to find a way of disabling it, but to no avail as the dragon sentinel is built as the perfect defence mechanism.

Below, Juna and Gaius use their magic to heal themselves, just as the statue crackles with a second wave of energy. Attempting to flee back up the stairs, but Gwendellyn trips, taking Gaius down with her. As they look up, they see a wave of sickly green energy wash over them. The noxious poison drops both Gaius and Juna to the floor. Gwendellyn holding on by her last breath grabs her old friend and attempts to drag her unconscious body up the stairs..

In desperation Orryn and Enkidu attack the statue with all their might, but the dragon is too strong, and it pulses with energy once more preparing to attack.

Seeing the oncoming storm, Gwendellyn leaps to safety leaving her friends on the stairway as a bolt of lightning surges from the dragon’s mouth.

Orryn turbo charges his leg brace, using his doubled speed to rush down and pull Gaius away from harm. Enkidu continues to pelt the statue with his eldritch energy. As the last flaming breath roars down the stairway, consuming Juna with its wrath.

Orryn leans over to hear Gaius’ last words, “Run”, as he bids us anon for the last time. Immediately the artificer races to Juna, “It’s our secret” she rasps as death takes her as well. Dragging her limp body up the stairs Orryn sets his bees to work, knitting the wounds, but no life is returned to his friend.

Enkidu, unwilling to accept defeat, tries all he can. He grabs Lady Vondelle’s ring and desperately prays to his patrons for help. Summoning them all and hearing their call in return, he asks for “Light” and they appear before him in all their splendour. Smiling at him, Light moves to Gwendellyn and saves the only person they can, wrapping the monk in a deep healing embrace.

All their options exhausted our adventurers struggle to come to terms with what has happened, Orryn relentlessly striking the dragon statue with his hammer. They know they have to escape. Taking up the bodies they abandon any attempt at stealth and with heavy hearts they flee into the woods.

As they pass the gloomy omen of a graveyard surrounding a chapel; Orryn spots a statue of the Shrouded Lady, a symbol of death, with her arm stretched out towards them. The faithless Orryn whispers a hopeless prayer as they pass, but deep down he knows the Gods will not help him.

Far from the town, as the sun rises they slump with exhaustion, for hours they stay motionless. Eventually they deciding to follow the river and locate the witch. Enkidu scanning the trees to find a remote spot to bury his friends.

They walk for hours besides the river, sharing the weight of their fallen companions between them. Along the journey, a grief stricken Orryn speaks quietly to Juna muttering the kind of nonsense she would have loved.

As he walks, Orryn recalls a moment with Juna the previous day as they mischievously searched the house together and discovered the divination table….

…exactly twenty-four hours ago.

Orryn blinks, and finds himself back in the study on the previous day –  Juna pointing out the runes needed to activate the table. Understanding washes over Orryn like a wave causing him to vomit, before rushing over to Juna and hugging her with all his strength.

As his memory of the past day begins to glaze over like a dream, the divination table grants our heroes a second chance.