Episode 15: Deciding the Truth

After destroying the table and hopefully preventing the end of the world… Our party try to process what has happened and what will happen next…

Episode 14: Against Time

Having finally infiltrated the Vondelle’s Folly, our heroes face a climactic race against time to destroy the dangerous divination table.

Episode 13: Grave Concerns

In a race against Krall’s undead horde, our heroes must contend with troubles they left brewing in Tillersham.

Episode 11: The Witch in the Woods

Searching for answers and with Krall’s dire threats ringing in their ears, our heroes finally encounter the mysterious figure of Ruana Witten, as the witch rises from the water…

Bonus: Beginner’s Guide to D&D

Welcome to the No Small Rolls’ Beginner’s Guide to D&D. Can’t tell your Scimitar from your Saving Throw? Then join David, Darrel, Chris, Ben and Grace for this fun introduction to the world of ability scores, role playing and polyhedral dice.

Episode 8: Disaster

With unrest amongst the people of Tillersham, our heroes discuss the secrets they have uncovered and plot their next dangerous steps… Time is now their enemy.

Episode 7: Wooing and Woes

So far, so good – our favourite party of adventurers try to discover what else the mysterious Vondelle family are hiding. Some through romance, some through sneaking and some through poorly judged opportunities…