Episode 42: Spill the Tea

Aboard their small boat, our crew row gently down the tunnel away from the Golems. Will Enkidu spill the tea and reveal what happened to him in the Wingthrup Workshop?

Episode 41: Go-Go-Golem

Faced with some unexpected arrivals, our heroes make a dash to escape the Wingthrup Workshop as the golems close on in.

Episode 40: The Codex

Reeling from the results of the Advancement Test, the party finally uncovers the secrets hidden in the Wingthrup Workshop.

Episode 39: Family Values

Under the ever watchful eye of ERIDA, the latest Wingthrup recruits must decide on their next steps and whether to take the advancement test.

Episode 38: ERIDA

After passing the first of the Wingthrup tests, the new recruits begin exploring the workshop and try to uncover what the higher ranking family members are hiding…

Episode 37: Making Connections

As our puzzlers attempt to get their heads around the final challenges of the Wingthrup maze, will the revelation of some new information help them connect the dots?

Episode 36: Forging Ahead

With no exit in sight from the Wingthrup test facility, our heroes must make some careful calculations and decide whether to strike while the iron is hot…

Episode 35: Batteries Not Included

Continuing through the Wingthrup maze of tests, our heroes must make some careful decisions and learn some grim truths about the elemental batteries…

Episode 34: Where the Compass Points

Following the compass through the Golden Forest, our heroes face new questions from surprising truths, and feel the squeeze from a deadly challenge.