The Further Adventures of Dwayne Fabulousa Episode 2

After dispatching some of the red flowering rot weed (as well as pub owner Aneaus), Dwayne and his new companions Tarnak and Judge find themselves tangling with the plant.

Join us for this special four-part adventure filled with intrigue, adventure and laughter, plus our very special guests Jeremy and Jasper from the hit D&D podcast Three Black Halflings.


  • David Knight as your Dungeon Master
  • Jeremy Cobb as Dwayne Fabulousa
  • Jasper William Cartwright as Tarnak Tunderseed
  • Darrel Bailey as Judge
  • Vicky Gaskin as Valerie
  • Ben Galpin as Ricoa
  • Edited by Pippa Beckford
  • Original Music by David Knight



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