The Gruesome Adventures of Deacon Fireheart Buttons – Episode 4

Join Deacon Fireheart Buttons and the cast of No Small Rolls as they delve into the darkness and confront the gruesome legend of the Shepherd.

This 4-part horror mini-series may contain themes that some listeners find uncomfortable.

Content warning for Episode 4:

  • Dark Humour
  • Body Horror
  • Violence
  • Injury
  • Torture
  • Death


  • David Knight (he/him) as your Dungeon Master
  • Sarah Gain (she/her) as Deacon
  • Ben Galpin (he/him) as Thorn
  • Darrel Bailey (he/him) as Eloise
  • Vicky Gaskin (she/her) as Gale
  • Grace Kelly Miller (she/her) as Garry
  • Original music by David Knight
  • Edited by Pippa Beckford


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