Episode 33: The Golden Forest

With the animated prosthetic hands fleeing the scene, our heroes make their farewells before following the compass deep into the Golden Forest.

Episode 32: Hand-to-Hand

The first Wingthrup test has begun! There’s work to be done and a long awaited showdown to be had, after all, how many heroes does it take to make a compass?

Episode 31: A Bit of a Handful

Our heroes feel the Wingthrup’s grip tighten as they grapple with the armed prosthetics. But when a finger is pointed at them, they wonder how close they are to the mystery at hand.

Episode 30: In the Wake

As they survey the destruction left in the wake of the elemental battle aboard The Chugalong, our party have a debt to repay and goodbyes to say to a fallen friend.

Episode 27: Questioning the Marks

As their new charge Myra Wingthrup sleeps, Juna reveals her greatest secret. As other thorny truths come to light, it seems the walls are starting to come down for our guarded heroes.

Episode 25: The Carpet Job

In their pursuit of the Faceless Footman our heroes try to uncover what the Hex are sweeping under the carpet, when Juna & Enkidu suddenly find the rug pulled from under them…

Episode 24: The Faceless Footman

The games a foot…man! As our heroes spot someone wearing Gwendellyn’s face, they must catch the shapeshifting serial killer or face punishment in their place!