The Journey So Far

The best place to begin listening is with Episode 1¬†to join at the start of the adventure and the introduction to the characters. However, if you want to jump into more recent episodes then we’ve broken the story down into chapters. The start of each chapter provides a good jumping in point for new listeners.

For a quick catch up some of the episodes have a written recap available or have a listen to No Small Recaps or Superfan Chats for a quick catch up.

Chapter 1: The Vondelle's Folly

Join our heroes Juna, Enkidu, Orryn, Gwendellyn and Gaius as they uncover the mysterious goings on in Tillersham and the Locholt Woods.

Chapter 2: The Noble Pastures

With a new mission from Scholar Heren Illwin our five heroes set off North, travelling across the Noble Pastures.

Chapter 3: The Soul of Artifice

Tasked with investigating the Wingthrups, the party meet an unusual artificer.

Chapter 4: The Twaintide Tea Tournament

As they journey across Drivain the Fatemarked Five (or should that be the Abracaladz?) use the Twaintide Tea Tournament as cover for their travels.

Chapter 5: Forlos Vail

The Fatemarked Five arrive at the walled city of Forlos Vail, but what mysteries lie beneath the surface?

Chapter 6: Forgotten Fables

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