Ben, Darrel, Vicky, Grace, and David from No Small Rolls sat down with Danilo Vujevic from Thinking Critically: A D&D Discussion to discuss the topic of ‘Acting’. The conversation ranged from how podcasting changes the D&D experience, through to finding your voice as a role player:



Compulsive listening!

A podcast perfectly suited to D&D enthusiasts and absolute novices alike, DM David Knight has created a fully established, immersive world for his group of intrepid explorers, with the help of his masterful musical underscoring.

Right from the bonus Episode Zero’s, the five well-rounded characters perfectly offset each other’s traits – from gallant Gaius with his charming ways, to sophisticate Gwendellyn Fabulosa (every bit as fabulous as her name). Cheeky gnome Juna is the perfect mother-hen to the bashful, loveable Orryn and prickly but loyal Enkidu. You can’t help but root for all five characters who have been developed with just the right amount of human imperfection to make you truly believe in the narrative as it unfolds.

Get ready to laugh and gasp through each episode as secrets are unveiled and investigation checks unlock a new mystery for each piece of the puzzle that it solves. At the heart of it all, it’s quite clear that this group have an absolute blast together and to be honest – only one episode a week is just not enough!

PippaB90, Apple Podcasts


The best thing about sunday mornings

No Small Rolls has rolled into 2020 and has made the whole year worth it. David’s expert story-crafting has allowed 5 great performers to tell a magical adventure so brilliantly. The music is great and takes you to whichever fantasy world they want you to go. It’s the best thing about Sunday mornings.

shantony, Podchaser



I love this podcast! I am not a fan of D&D (playing it I mean), but to listen to, it is enthralling! I love fantasy and adventure and this has that in droves, plus the ‘behind the scenes element’. It’s brilliant to listen to the stories unravel, hear the players develop their own characters and get involved in the game in real-time. I get proper swept up in it! Laughing aloud at the reactions of these brilliant players! Cannot recommend enough to both D&D enthusiasts and muggles like me!

Jennileajones, Apple Podcasts


These rolls are Epic!

A delightful new D&D adventure podcast!! Often with tabletop games the players can get bogged down with the mechanics, or the role playing sections become tedious and distracting. The cast of No Small Rolls balance their combat and characterful interactions with ease. It’s such a joy to have a UK podcast brought to us by trained performance artists, with the skill to bring life to these complex characters. Though it is still early days I am very excited to hear where this story will go next! The musical underscore composed by the DM, David Knight, is a thing of genius, enhancing each scene with the appropriate vibe. Any chance you’re planning to release these tracks as MP3s? I’d love to use them in my homebrew game.

You’ve got me hooked guys! Anon for now!

Bilo Buzzkiller, Apple Podcasts


D&D Virgin

I know nothing of D&D – well, before this podcast! Now I am addicted and need to find some mates to play with immediately. It sounds like such fun!!

JoWickham, Apple Podcasts