Episode 25: The Carpet Job

In their pursuit of the Faceless Footman our heroes try to uncover what the Hex are sweeping under the carpet, when Juna & Enkidu suddenly find the rug pulled from under them…

Episode 24: The Faceless Footman

The games a foot…man! As our heroes spot someone wearing Gwendellyn’s face, they must catch the shapeshifting serial killer or face punishment in their place!

Episode 23: The Red House

Our favourite party spend some time in the red bricked town of Rosthall, where breakfasts and books abound, but it can be hard to keep your mind to yourself.

Episode 22: A Little Night Music

As the party continues northward to the Golden Forest, they are haunted by a mysterious melody in the night. Sleepwalking could be the least of their troubles…

Episode 21: On the Road Again

After enjoying the Heart of Spring festival, the party must decide which of the Founding Arcanists to investigate first. Which direction will this new mission take them?

Episode 20: Luckbringer’s Blessing

After receiving a secret mission, from Scholar Heron Illwin to discover what the Arcanists’ Consortium are trying to hide, our heroes find time to shop, barter and unwind during the Heart of Spring festival! Gift giving and flowers adorn the city as our players play ‘Secret Goddess’. Who is going to get what for whom?

Episode 19: Hidden Histories

On the road to Vernok Rise a new addition to the party is welcomed fondly, while an unwanted figure from Enkidu’s past tries to gatecrash.

Episode 18: Rally Together

On reuniting with a less than clothed Gaius, the party discover that the bard’s new friends hold all the cards.

Episode 17: A Frosty Reception

Arriving in Bereon Fields, our heroes navigate a political gathering on their quest to help Fireheart find his compass.

Episode 16: Heart to Fireheart

On the road to Vernok Rise our heroes attempt a heart-to-heart over recent events, however some unexpected arrivals soon interrupt plans.